The Entry and Exit of Tapeworms in Humans


A tapeworm can get as long as 25 meters in a host. That’s about three times the length of a bowling lane. Moreover, an adult tapeworm could produce up to 2,000 proglottids and 100,000 eggs at once. If a tapeworm lays eggs in your guts, imagine having a hundred thousand tapeworms roaming around in your body.

The Entry and Exit of Tapeworms in Humans

The biggest question you must have is how tapeworms enter your body. Tapeworms can only enter your body through infected meat, i.e., if you eat animal meat containing tapeworm larvae.

Tapeworms have three life stages: egg, larvae, and adulthood. While adult tapeworms tend to linger in the intestine, larvae can enter the muscles of their hosts. If you eat raw meat containing tapeworm larvae, they’ll enter your body, thus infecting you.


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