the degree of curvature of their spine

 Scoliosis is a very complex condition whereby an individual’s spine curves to the left or to the right, in a C or S shape, and that can both affect his or her appearance and cause severe back pain. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 6 to 9 million people in the United States are affected by this condition.

The Schroth method is a proven, non-surgical treatment for people suffering with scoliosis that provides an alternative to surgery. It’s an approach customized for each patient according to the degree of curvature of their spine, and which can dramatically improve the patient’s posture.

How does the Schroth method help to reduce scoliosis?

Scoliosis prevents the muscles of the rib cage from being properly used , which, over time, can contribute to their deterioration. The Schroth method is a conservative exercise program developed to elongate the spine and develop these muscles, all while continuously correcting the curvature of your spine.

Don’t let your age or the severity of your condition stop you from seeking help. Schroth’s method can be used to effectively treat patients of any age group and with any severity degree of scoliosis.

What are the exercises involved in Schroth’s method?

·         Exercises for muscular symmetry

Scoliosis often causes patients’ back muscles to become weak and deteriorate over time on one side, while the muscles on the other side become overworked. Schroth’s exercises are designed to strengthen the atrophied muscles and promote symmetry


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