When you have scoliosis, you need to


Being aware of your posture can be a great way to improve it. When you have scoliosis, you need to be mindful of your postures so that you do not worsen your asiadome.com condition. Awareness is vital to properly carry out your daily activities in a way that gradually corrects the curvature of your spine.

·         Angular breathing

Breathing is a key part of the Schroth method. A special breathing asiatrendy.com technique called rotational angular breathing is used to rotate the spine so that the rib cage can be reshaped and the muscles and tissues are bestbuynews.net strengthened to properly support the spine.

The success factors of Schroth’s method

The Schroth method is an extremely effective approach to the treatment of scoliosis. However, in order to ensure its success, there 3 facts you must keep in mind:

·         It’s an ongoing process

The Schroth’s method follows a 3D approach to straighten the spine and align it properly. The repetition of positions and breathing techniques will make the patient aware of the new postures.

It is an ongoing procedure and the spinal alignment and straightening occurs over a span of time.

·         Focused breathing is crucial

Schroth’s method has two complementary phases: positioning and activation. In the positioning phase, individuals are taught different postures and how to position their body correctly.

In the activation phase, the postures corrected in phase one are activated. We achieve this through focused breathing techniques designed to train and develop muscle strength and endurance, which will in turn support the spine better.


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